Damn Foxes

Aug. 18th, 2014 09:16 pm
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I've been working on a fox sculpture the last few days. Its been playing coy and taunting me with not quite working but promising its going to be totally cool, really, would a fox lie? I though it was part of a previous series but in the shower I suddenly realized it was its own stand alone thing AND that there are two foxes, the annoying teasing one I'm working on now and the slier fiercer one I'll do next. Hopefully now that the jig is up this one will be more willing to cooperate.
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I have a undead tooth. Technically according to the dentists it's necrotic, but it's 1) dead and 2) still upright and doing its job. This is clearly an undead tooth, which makes me a necodentamancer. FEAR MY TINY HORRIBLE UNDEAD MINIONS! they could be camouflaged in your corn nibblets right now waiting to strike.
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Back and posting again.

I now have a potters wheel! fun and messes ensue! Interestingly the hands remember how to throw the brain sits around making swears. I'n trying to throw 20 vessels before I keep any but every time I get a good one it's hard to slice it in half to check the walls. okay self repeat after me: remember this is a learning game.
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I bottled blueberry and cranberry varietal meads. Both are nice big sweet meads who would like you to come into this alley for a moment, what ? were did I get this sap? sent away.

Started a peach Melomel with the roadside peaches. Right now the about two gallons are sitting in primary, one is getting put into a one gallon growler plain and one is getting put in a one gallon with two vanilla pods. If there is a half gallon left I may just add water and let it finish at nice low ABV.
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Happy Zombie Jesus half price candy day!

Today we celebrate zombie Jesus not leading his hordes to devour us for one more year with half price candy WooT!
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from back in the day when there was a MMORG called gopets I built this island. It has a pony

huge picture under the cut )
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okay it's actually a wherry from pern, but it ended up looking like a furry raptor.


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